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Price List

*Please be aware this is a guideline and all dresses will need to be seen in person for an accurate quote


Slim Hem (A line, fishtail, with linings) from £100
​Standard A line Hem (incl. all linings, and nets) from £120
​Layered Hem, chiffon, georgette, organza (incl. linings and nets) from £120.00
Ballgown style, layered hem (tulle with multiple layers and linings) from £140.00
​Lace hem/horsehair hem (including all layers, linings and nets) from £140.00 - £160.00


Plain side seams (taking in/letting out) from £90.00
Side seams with lace or beadwork (taking in/letting out) from £100.00
Standard shoulders (taking up) from £40.00
Shoulders with sleeve/dart adjustments from £60.00
Shoe string straps from £30.00


Letting out/taking in over hip/thigh on plain skirt from £70.00
Letter out/taking in over hip/thigh on lace or beaded skirt from £90.00
Bust pads and fitting £20.00 per pair
Sew bridal belt from £30.00
​Hand sewing and finishing charged by the hour £30.00
​Standard train bustle from £20.00
Larger skirts with multiple bustles ​from £30.00
Changing/adding train ribbon £15.00
Changing zip back to corset back (incl. fabric costs) from £150.00 ​
Making new back panel from £50.00


Standard Hem (1 layer and lining) from £35.00
​Layered Hem (multiple layers) from £40.00
Standard side seams (taking in/letting out) from £40.00
​Standard shoulders (taking up) from £30.00
​Hand sewing and finishing, any other work charged by the hour £30.00

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